A holistic view of health

Homeopathic medicine examines the whole person. It integrates a person’s constitution, diet, emotional and mental state and stressors, among other factors — hence the term holistic.

Homeopathy follows this theory: 

  • A minuscule amount of what’s bad for you is good for you.
  • “Like cures like.”
  • The body can trigger a healing response when given the least amount of medicine.

Although current medical practice recognises that there are connections between mental, emotional and physical conditions, the dominant approach is to break the whole down into parts with separate diagnostic labels.

Homeopaths use specially prepared, potentised medicines from which toxic effects have been removed.

One of the reasons that homeopathy is the second largest system of medicine in the world today, aside from bringing health benefits without side effects or the dangers inherent in major interventions, is that it offers this holistic approach to health and healing