Susceptibility & suppression

Susceptibilities can manifest on any level: mental, emotional or physical.

Susceptibility can be linked to certain events, such as always getting ill after being exposed to harsh cold wind, or suffering a stomach upset after being embarrassed about something. Or it may be the result of our living conditions – anyone living in a damp house is likely to experience upper respiratory tract symptoms after a while, although for some of us it will be sooner rather than later.

Situations is suppression

When we use a cream to ‘remove’ a rash (eczema), it develop in Asthma or bronchitis kind problem or we can say when we suppress one system it shift on another system like respiratory. The main action of these medicines, however, is to palliate the symptom and to moderate its expression rather than to address the susceptibility behind it. They can never constitute a long-term cure.

Treating the source

A homeopathic remedy seeks to ameliorate symptoms by focusing on the source of the imbalance causing them, finding the root cause and honing in on the mental and emotional aspects. The best treatment is a holistic one. Homeopathy always seeks to cure the whole person.

Homeopathy work according:

  • Law of similarity
  • Direction of cure: In an acute situation, where the complaint is of recent onset and the person has no previous history of chronic disease, homeopathic treatment invariably works with great success in accurate selection of medicine.

In chronic case, In the case of chronic disease the story of how health is restored is more complex and the duration of recovery usually in direct proportion to the length of time that the illness was present.

How cure tends to proceed:

  • from more recent to older symptoms
  • from vital organs to less vital organs
  • from the centre to the circumference
  • from above downwards
  • Principle of single remedy: If you give more than one medicine, one might cancel out the action of another.
  • The theory of minimum diluted dose: The use of the minimum dose has the advantage that it does not produce the gross side effects so often caused by conventional treatments.