Homeopathy for Children

Homeopathic treatment is an excellent choice for a child who isn’t coping well at any stage in life, from newly born babies to school going children. It’s a safe and effective treatment for various kinds of illnesses.

There are a number of homeopathic medications that can be safely given to a feverish child, either as a sole therapy or as a holding measure whilst waiting to see the doctor. It is important to mention that ALL homeopathic medicines can be given alongside any conventional medications.


Infantile colic is a common problem, in cases of colicky pain in the abdomen, the child become restless and trends to roll about in pain, sometimes the child is better by lying on abdomen. They are inconsolable and problem generally arises in night time. There are few remedies for colic which works very well and provide relief very quickly like Colocynth, Nux-Vomica, Chamomilla etc.

In Teething, Cough and Cold, Fever, nappy rashes there are very good remedies which can provide very good result like Arsenic-Alb, Belladona, Chamomilla, Calendula etc.

Once children start school, they enter in a different atmosphere some children work very well and a few get infected easily. Some children are anxious and are fearful of the atmosphere. All circumstances helps increase the immunity to fight with ailments.

It’s real challenge for parents to handle teenagers. They enter in puberty with lots of social pressure (peer pressure) with changes in body. Few of them get irritated on small issues, changes in their behaviour, hay fever, acne and low self confidence. Some of them suffer with irregular or heavy menstrual period, headache etc. All sorts of concerns can be addressed very well with Homeopathy.